What Is Bitcoin & How Do I Use It?

We LOVE Bitcoin at My Bitcoiner. We've created a newbies guide to using Bitcoin. You can find it by clicking HERE

How Does The My Bitcoiner Compensation Plan Work?

What we are doing here has never been done before! We are granting public access to our automated algorithim that will pump cold hard cash into your Bitcoin Wallets day in and day out!

Here's how our incredibly powerful algorithm will make you a fortune in Bitcoin.....

Everytime a new person activates their system, our algorithm will automatically split the payment into 5 separate payments.

2 of those payments will go to the "Joint Co-Op" fund which will be perpetually advertising a universal referral link so you'll have a chance at passive payments.

3 of the other split payments will go to the next 3 upgraded people in line. Once they've been paid, they'll move up the line and the new person will be moved to the top.

What this system does is create a LEVERAGED PROFIT SHARING situation  in which all activated member's are working together to create massive momentum.

You see when the 2 payments are sent to the joint co-op fund, they are effectively being re-distributed to create perpetual momentum for everyone even if you don't refer anyone!

You'll receive an equal share of the signups & cash as well as be directly rewarded when you sign someone new up.

You'll also see massive spillover from your signup's who end up referring others down upto 3 levels!

Each person that you personally refer will have you as the first person getting paid whenever they refer someone. This happens on 3 levels down so you'll be creating a huge viral knock on effect when you start referring people!

You don't need to sponsor anyone to make money with us, however - you'd be crazy not too!

I've Made My Payment. Why Haven't I Been Activated Yet?

After we've received your payment, our system needs to receive at least 2 confirmations from the Bitcoin Network before it activates your account. It takes the Bitcoin Network anywhere from 1 minute to 3 hours to confirm your transaction 2 times. You'll receive an email from us as soon as your account has been activated. That email comes from: [email protected]